Yu Tak Wing Physiotherapy Practice


Contact me:

Tel:         072 130 7578 (add me on whatsapp)

Email:     YuTakWing001@gmail.com


Our Practice is to evolve into an excellent private practices where South Africans will have access to all around in the community at a reasonable cost.  


To provide high quality of physiotherapy treatment at a reasonable cost to all South Africans in the community. Giving back to the community. Allow the community to access information about their conditions. 


  • Provide a therapeutic service to the community around our practice. 
  • Use our knowledge and capabilities to assist and treat clients with needs
  • Educate and assist people and clients in our community about their medical conditions 
  • Make a pain free healthy lifestyle 

First Day of Visit:

On your first visit, we will do a full subjective and objective assessment to accurately conclude with an diagnosis. And if further information is needed such as an X-ray or MRI scan, we will refer you to doctors or a doctor specialist in that field. Once the possible diagnosis is complete, we move on to Physiotherapy Treatment. 

At the current time we do not have our own specialist around us, but we will soon establish connections and contact with other specialist such as: Podiatrists, orthopedic surgeons, specialists, general practitioners, dietitians, occupational therapy and pediatricians. So that if needed, they you would know where to go. 

We believe that treating a client holistically is a very important aspect in order to return our client back to pain-free lifestyle. 

Services We Provide:

In our practice we treat and assess many different conditions such as: Low back pain, osteoarthritis, stiff neck, muscles pain, and so on. Any other conditions that are not listed above, you many phone and consult to seek advice. Please come down and visit our practice as we will assist you to enjoy a healthier and more energetic life!  

Our target audience includes clients from all ages, race and gender. Since we are situated in a sports hall, our clients most consists of sporting injuries, yet non-sport related clients are also welcome to our practice. 

Please feel free to drop by anytime to our practices and see how we can help you! You can contact us here: 

Tel:        072 130 7578 (You can even add me on whatsapp)

Email:    Yutakwing001@gmail.com

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